RMS Exhibition Mall Galleries

The Royal Miniature Society annual Exhibition of Miniature Art opens on November 29th at the Mall Galleries in London. It is an amazing and captivating show, featuring work by some of the best miniature artists in the world; the standard is always very high and the vast majority of the 600 odd artworks are for sale. The photo show my entries this year.

This year the Awards will be presented by Lennox Cato from the Antiques Roadshow at 3pm during the offical opening ceremony and there are daily demonstrations by artists. The Private View takes place on Wednesday 28th November, and is then open to the public between 5pm and 8pm. The Exhibition runs until 1pm on Sunday 9th December and if you are in London it is really worth a visit! 

If you are an aretist and would like to submit work for this year's Exhibition there is still time! Entries must be handed in on Sunday 19th November and notification of selection is on 21st November. You can find more information, entry forms and advice on the Royal Miniature Society Website.