Tracy Hall HS RMS MAA

I paint in watercolour, both transparent and opaque, which is an incredibly versatile medium. I work from life, photographs and imagination; more often than not all three in the same piece. The joy for me lies in the fine details and, no matter if I am working on a larger painting or a miniature, my favourite part is always adding the little intricate observations that bring my work to life.

I was born in Cornwall and have drawn since I could hold a pencil. I paint everything from flowers to wildlife, via illustration and licensing, with detours into miniature art whenever possible. My job is a privilege and a constant learning curve, whatever the subject.  I have lived for over thirty years in Orkney where I work from my studio on the shores of Scapa Flow - surrounded by paintings-in-waiting!

Miniature Art

otter miniature watercolour painting by Tracy Hall

After being introduced to miniature art in 2007, I was instantly hooked and have been honoured to win many awards since I first exhibited the following year, including the prestigious Gold Bowl from the Royal Miniature Society.

I continue to exhibit regularly in the UK and abroad and a selection of my miniature paintings can be found throughout the year at the following galleries:

Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, The Cut, Waterloo, London Tel: 0207 620 1322
Elford Fine Art, The Gallery, Tavistock, Devon Tel: 07712 137272

Alternatively you can always get in touch to enquire about a particular painting. If it is at an exhibition or gallery I can give you the contact details or if it is at the studio you can purchase direct.

Please also check my News Page which is regularly updated with details of upcoming exhibition venues and dates, plus the latest paintings off the easel. 

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illustration prints and cards by tracy hall

Much of my day to day work is in commercial illustration and  private commissions. I really enjoy the variety and it provides the perfect balance to the fine art miniature paintings in which I also specialise. My work is regularly licensed to appear on a variety of products and licensing enquiries are welcome.

Top quality prints and greeting cards of many of my paintings and illustrations can be purchased easily and securely from this website, along with signed copies of The Orkney Book of Birds.

Originals are also sometimes available, please ask.

There is also a
Gift Shop where you can purchase many gift items featuring my paintings via Zazzle. Full colour wall Calendars are also available from Lulu.

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  • Miniature Artists of America (MAA) Elected signature Member 2013
  • Royal Miniature Society (RMS) Elected Full Member  2011
  • Society of Animal Artists (SAA) Elected Associate Member 2011
  •  MPSGS Elected Associate Member 2010
  • Royal Miniature Society (RMS) Elected Associate Member 2009
  • Hilliard Society (HS) HS signature Status  2009


  • Hilliard Society - Marion Winter Kangaroo Award
  • Royal Miniature Society - Anthony Lester Art Critic Award
  • Hilliard Society - Marion Winter Kangaroo Award
  • Royal Miniature Society - The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting 
  • MASF - Honourable Mention (Birds & Animals)
  • Hilliard Society - Marion Winter Kangaroo Award 
  • Royal Miniature Society - President's Special Commendation
  • MASF - Opaque Watercolour 1st Place  
  • MASF - Birds and Animals 3rd place 
  • Hilliard Society - Most Popular Exhibit 
  • Hilliard Society - Mary Scott Kestin Award Animals & Wildlife
  • Hilliard Society - Sue Burton Memorial Award for Best in Show 
  • MASF - 1st Place Opaque Watercolour 
  • MASF - Birds & Animals 3rd Place  
  • Parklane Gallery Miniature Exhibition - Honourable Mention  
  • Seaside Gallery Miniature Exhibition - Best Watercolour Award  
  • National Exhibition of Wildlife Art  - Daler Rowney Award for  Best Watercolour 
  • MPSGS - International Award 2nd Place 
  • MASF - 3rd place Opaque Watercolour 
  • Parklane Gallery Miniature Exhibition - Red River Paper Award
  • David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year - Highly Commended
  • MPSGS - Honourable Mention (International)  
  • Blossom II Art of Flowers - Highly Commended 
  • MASF - Permanent Collection Purchase Award  
  • MPSGS - Honourable Mention (Birds & Animals) 
  • Hilliard Society  - Mary Scott Kestin Award - Animals & Wildlife
  • Royal Miniature Society Best in Show  - Gold Memorial Bowl  
  • Royal Miniature Society  - Llewellyn Alexander Award  
  • MPSGS - Birds & Animals 3rd place
artist and illustrator tracy hall

My very grateful thanks go to the following people for their generosity in allowing me to use their photos for  reference as well - Mike and John Struthers, Mungo Montgomery, Judy Schrader, Lesley Hartman, David Jacks and Brian Hewitt.  Also to all the people who let me sneak up on their furry, feathered or scaley charges, my long suffering family, friends and neighbours who cheerfully model for me...and last but not least to my husband for his constant support and encouragement (and for growing such a wonderful garden of subjects) and to my (now grown up) kids...for putting up with a mother who paints.